Discovery Grants


2020 Criteria



The Center for Pedagogy in Arts and Design [C-PAD] announces its 2020-21 Discovery Grants. This program supports projects that catalyze new ideas in arts and design pedagogy.  As a tier-one research institution committed to innovative teaching and learning, we are delighted to support the advancement of new pedagogy-based programs, events, and activities. The mission of a Discovery Grant is to advance knowledge, enrich student learning, and explore original application of pedagogy in or from the arts and design disciplines. We encourage all faculty from all departments and schools within the College of Arts and Architecture to submit proposals. Funding of up to $700 is available per proposal.

*All project expenditures must conform to Penn State’s spending guidelines, and payments to current Penn State students/faculty/staff will incur additional expenses.  Please feel free to contact Barbara Cutler, Research and Grants Coordinator, at 814-865-6132 if you have any questions.




All College of Arts and Architecture faculty, including tenured, tenure track, and fixed term, are eligible to apply. Collaborative proposals from multiple faculty (including those outside the College) are welcome. Projects should be completed by January 1, 2022. 



All recipients will be required to attend an on-campus workshop organized by C-PAD that will offer assistance articulating faculty interests (elevator speech), identifying communities with which to work (if unknown), providing ideas to help document the project and outcomes, and finding additional funding support. Funded projects will be required to submit a final report including information about the project's accomplishments (i.e. external funding received, development of new courses or manuscripts, conference held with international partners, future plans etc.) and information about how the funds were expended.


A review committee of faculty and administrators will evaluate all proposals. In selecting proposals to be awarded, preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Have high research or pedagogical value;

  • Create or strengthen an institutional partnership between Penn State and leading universities, Pk-12 grade school communities, government agencies, industry, or other community and non-governmental organizations;

  • Propose innovative ways to integrate arts and design pedagogy research or practice into the curriculum;

  • Have a community outreach, interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary component;

  • Include participation of graduate and undergraduate students;

  • Offer potential for external funding or lead to long-term impact for the college or university.