We are developing and adapting complex additive manufacturing technology germane to research and laboratory settings for classroom use via continued iteration of custom hardware, software, firmware, materials, and teaching strategies focused around the development of 3D printing in clay. Bringing this research to the classroom will significantly improve the teaching of additive manufacturing technologies within the context of Art & Design by introducing hands-on, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive approaches which allow hybrid development with existing and ancient craft techniques.

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Partners on this project include:

Jonathan Keep, Artist, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Tim Simpson, Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering Design and Manufacturing Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Michael Hickner, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering Corning Faculty Fellow

Negar Fadei, Arts & Architecture Digifab Staff

Eduardo Castro e Costa, PSU Stuckeman Center for Design Computing Post-Bacc

Penn State Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition

The National Science Foundation