Ann Clements

Director of C-PAD

Associate Professor of Music Education, School of Music 


An active researcher, musician, and pedagogue, Dr. Clements has given over 150 presentations throughout the United States and in Australia, Brazil, the Baltics, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. She is published in multiple national and international journals including the Journal of Research in Music Education, Mountain Lake Reader, International Society for Music Education, General Music Today, and Journal of Research for the New Zealand Performing Arts. 


Clements is the author, co-author and editor of several books in the field of music education, including The Field Guide to Student Teaching in Music (Routledge Press), Alternative Approaches to Music Education: Case Studies from the Field (editor, Rowan and Littlefield), Teaching General Music (chapter author, Oxford University Press), Multicultural Perspective in Music Education (chapter author and editor, Rowan and Littlefield), Making Music Series (contributing author, Silver Burdett), and The Choral Cookbook (chapter author, Hal Leonard). 


Her primary research areas include music participation, game theory as applied to education, learning in blended, virtual and augmented realities, and ethnomusicology, of which she is a recognized scholar in Maori music of New Zealand.