Stephen Mainzer

Discovery Grant Recipient

Visiting Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture, Penn State Stuckeman School 

Stephen Mainzer is a designer whose research, pedagogy, and practice engage the intersection of place, community, and natural resources.

Mainzer teaches across the spectrum of design curriculum including, introductory design studio, regional and landscape systems, and professional practice. He encourages students to approach design as a problem-solving process that is responsive to the socio-ecological environment.

His interests revolve around illustrating complex human dimensions of natural resources through mixed methods and deep collaboration with allied disciplines. Stephen strives to contribute to such collaborations by adding place-based and a community perspective to research inquiries by coupling spatial modelling to traditional quantitative and qualitative techniques. 

Mainzer has over 8 years of professional practice in a wide variety of offices throughout the United States. He has contributed to the design, planning, development, and construction of countywide mobility plans, multimodal policies, neighborhoods, university and military base plans, and multi-family housing projects.